August = Maternity Leave!

It’s been quiet past few months as my partner, Jack, and I have worked tiredlessly to prepare for our little girl’s imminent arrival, due August 24, 2015. Unfortunately my love, my first baby, Raquel Dennett Photography, has had to take a backseat as we worked through all the tiny details that prepare for a little one’s birth.

Thank you to all my friends, clients, and potential clients for your patience as I make this transition to motherhood. It’s already been a wild and crazy ride, and your kind words of support and love have smoothed the bumps.

Stay tuned for updates (and duh, baby pictures!!!!). I look forward to my regularly schedule programming, and the best year yet, in 2016.

2014 in review: the raddest year EVER

I remember the day I decided to stop pursuing fashion photography and turned my sights toward shooting portraits and weddings. It was actually in 2013 after Burning Man, which, depending on who you talk to, is either a large party in the desert or a life-altering experience. For me it was the latter. Afterward, after months of chronicling the House of Tonics camp, I was unprepared for my campmates’ emotional reception when I unveiled the photos. I decided then and there to devote my career to documenting moments people would enjoy for the rest of their lives.

2014 has been wholly devoted to real people. It was probably the greatest year of my life, one that has given me the most personal and professional growth. I’m sad to see it go, but so pumped for 2015.

Here are my favorite moments of 2014:

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Clea + Clayton – Vashon Island, WA

Months later, looking at these still makes me cry. I’ve been hanging on to this wedding throughout an incredibly busy wedding season, wanting to give it the attention it so richly deserves, waiting for the perfect words to express how beautiful, extraordinary, tender, and hilarious this day was. So I’ve waited. And waited. And what I’ve finally realized is that there aren’t any words that will describe this magical day, that you just had to be there. The most I can do is present photos that give you a feeling for the time, for the place, and for the people.

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Darian + Christopher

This ceremony for Darian and Christopher at Genesis Farms in Enumclaw, WA was nothing short of stunning. In the very last days of summer, the weather forced this outdoor wedding inside, where in the course of an hour everyone managed to transform a hall into a paradise of golden lights and olden-time charm.

Darian + Christopher were so wonderful, so in love, and with such buoyant spirits that the weather couldn’t dampen. I’ll never forget how Darian defiantly marched out barefoot to the place where they intended to say their vows, and how the two of them rocked out like nobody was watching.

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Laughing while I work

I’m not sure I’ve ever released so many teasers before the couple has gotten their photos, but the photos from Yanner + Kelly are making me laugh so much!

Yanner + Kelly 10/26/2014I can still remember this moment, when Yanner’s sister skipped ahead a few parts in the ceremony. And Kelly, to relieve tension, told the audience that it was okay, that it was her first time officiating. The crowd erupted in laughter, and then they exchanged rings.  Yanner + Kelly 10/26/2014