Laughing while I work

I’m not sure I’ve ever released so many teasers before the couple has gotten their photos, but the photos from Yanner + Kelly are making me laugh so much!

Yanner + Kelly 10/26/2014I can still remember this moment, when Yanner’s sister skipped ahead a few parts in the ceremony. And Kelly, to relieve tension, told the audience that it was okay, that it was her first time officiating. The crowd erupted in laughter, and then they exchanged rings.  Yanner + Kelly 10/26/2014


Yanner + Kelly teasers –

The 2014 wedding season is officially done, but not for me. Editing for Yanner + Kelly’s wedding has hit full swing, and I’m photographing Rose + Jesse early next month. Really, I have the best job.

2014 has been a busy hectic year, and I’m months behind posting weddings and projects I’ve worked on. There is a longer, involved post coming about the last year, but I decided to cut in line with these teasers, because though the 2014 wedding season is still going for me, this wedding marks my 1st anniversary photographing weddings on my own. I can’t think of anything more intimate and wonderful than to have ended this year with a bang, photographing my good friend Kelly’s union to Yanner.

Enjoy these teasers -

Kelly + Yanner, October 26, 2014 in Ann Arbor, MI.Kelly + Yanner, October 26, 2014 in Ann Arbor, MI. Kelly + Yanner, October 26, 2014 in Ann Arbor, MI. Kelly + Yanner, October 26, 2014 in Ann Arbor, MI.

Jack, the light tester

Jack gets major boyfriend points. We returned early last week from Michigan, where I photographed Kelly + Yanner’s wedding in Ann Arbor. In the picture above, Jack just stands there looking good (the usual) while I test lighting for Kelly + Yanner’s family portraits. Not picutred above is Jack driving me through downtown Ann Arbor, MI, navigating through Halloween costume party traffic and parking, lugging my gear around this park, helping me setup and breakdown lighting, offering input on composition and lighting, picking me up at the end of the job, and generally being awesome.

Did I mention he also helped me lug all of my equipment to and from our hotel room, made sure I was well-fed and hydrated, and reminded me to take my medication on time? What a dreamboat!

The stuff dreams are made of…

This summer has been a whirlwind of so much good stuff, all waiting to be shared. Soon!

I had the most wonderful meetup Monday with Clea and Clayton, where I hand-delivered and was able to experience their first viewing of the photos with my loved one, Jack. A deeper post about their ceremony coming soon, once things calm down, but for now I can’t help but share this one, my favorite.

Does this photo scream romance novel cover, or what?

Clea + Clayton - August 2, 2014

A little burst of sunshine

Dorian+Christopher 08/30/14This was a hell of a day, a teasing promise of sunshine for an outdoor wedding, then delivery of buckets and buckets of rain for the duration of the wedding and reception.

There was one moment, when the sun burst out, that Darian and Chris ran out to ROCK OUT in the spot where they would have said their vows hours earlier. Couldn’t help but share the smile, as I work through editing their photos.

New press items in the mail

IMG_3700 copy

Just received my new press items in the mail! Now I just can’t wait to send out my next client package.

The printer is Miller’s Professional Imaging, on bamboo cover stock, and I am quite impressed with the weight and texture of the paper.

It’s a slightly new look for me, as I experiment with ways to communicate my brand. I’m experimenting with color instead of my moody black, white, and gray, leftover from when I thought I would be a famous fashion photographer. So glad those days are past.