1/2 marathon training, week 1 (sorta)

This year, I’m determined to be smart about my training. Last year I ran the Seattle Marathon, training 3-4 weeks less than I should have, then ran the first half of the race 2-3 minutes/mile faster than I had trained for it. Oh, but the excitement! I wanted to beat everyone, right?

The first six months of this year have shown me paying for that lack of judgment with illiotibial band syndrome (ITBS). For a while I tried to fix myself, and when that didn’t work, I finally sought the help of a physical therapist. He put me on the right track, and since June I’ve been able to run fairly pain free. Little aches pop up that make me a bit paranoid, but things have mostly been all right.

This week was my first official week of training. What have I learned? Tempo runs kick my ass, and my normal runs are at too fast of a pace. The silver lining is that on Saturday I ran 7.25 miles, the longest I’ve run pain free since I injured myself last November. Gimme a big hoot and a holler!