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Kyle + Kayela | Arboretum Family Portrait

I’d known Kayela’s family since before their 2nd child, when little Ty was an amazing only child. He’s still amazing, though nowadays he’s a big brother. His zest for experiencing everything is infectious, and he runs everywhere. Across the lawn? Running! Up the stairs? Running! 5 feet to the bathroom? Running! Baby Shae is a beautiful addition to… Read more »

Luci, Hira, and Todd at Volunteer Park | Family Portrait

I am beyond behind on posting work from the past year, and there is much of it to share. Let me start by sharing this session of Todd, Hira, and Lucy (with guest appearance by Sarv and dog). This is one of my favorite family portraits ever! It was super cold that day, and we… Read more »

2014 in review: the raddest year EVER

I remember the day I decided to stop pursuing fashion photography and turned my sights toward shooting portraits and weddings. It was actually in 2013 after Burning Man, which, depending on who you talk to, is either a large party in the desert or a life-altering experience. For me it was the latter. Afterward, after months… Read more »

Wirth-Deffer Portraits in the Rose Garden

It was a bright, sunny day. As I watched Alia, Matt, Greison, and Vera walk into the Rose Garden entrance, I could only marvel at how quickly time passes. I’d known Matt and Alia since 2007, well before they dated, when we all worked for the Elysian Brewing Company. In 2007, Greison had still been… Read more »