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Day of Caring 2017 edition

Clark Nuber is, without a doubt in my mind, one of the coolest companies I’ve ever come across. The kicker? They’re accountants! This company is filled with cool accountants. Not that accountants aren’t cool… it’s just that it’s unusual to find a bunch of people in any company who are all so warm and fun. For the… Read more »

More Burning Man Planning

Some photos from an inventory day party. All hands (well, most) were on deck to inventory the playa stash of a few veteran burners.   Above are Paul, Greg, and Kevin, all playa-fied from measuring, rolling, and strapping tarps. Cords, cords, and more cords! Never know when you’re gonna need another set… Really love the… Read more »

Burning Man planning

This year I’m very lucky to be a part of a great group going to burning man. Numbering 34 people at the moment, we’re the House of Tonics, a theme camp that will be offering people tonics to add to and complement their day. Going for more of a Firefly companion, Moroccan feel, with elements… Read more »

Seattle model on Vogue Italia Model

Via Seattle Fashion Group International, my last post featuring the cover of Vogue Italia actually featured a Seattle Heffner represented model, Tara Lynn (on the left side). Yay!