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Selects from my shoot with Elizabeth. She was an absolute dream to work with. Hair and makeup by the awesome Nora Hess.


In the photo editing grind at the moment, and feeling a bit of a crunch. Spring quarter starts on Monday, and I have so much to do. I suppose that’s life. Have spent much of my break trying to get all my business tasks in order. Purchased Hindsight (accounting/business software mix), and finally have financial… Read more »

Quarter-long project complete!

Here are the fruits of my labor in my quarter-long project for Seattle Fashion Group International. It was such a pleasure working for this non-profit. So amazing, and so helpful. Special Thanks to Sydney Chavez, Lisa Hunter, Giuseppe Grazioli (along with th crew at Teatro Zinzanni), Mayna Sgaramella, Paige Garland, Scott Puckett, Nora Hess, and… Read more »

Ad Campaign almost done

The ad campaign I’ve been working on for Seattle Fashion Group International is almost done. 2 more shoots and lots of editing to go, and then the finale, a presentation to a group of industry professionals. Teatro Zinzanni was nice enough to offer their space Monday for me to do two of these shoots, with… Read more »

What not to do, part 6,542

Dear self: When meeting with a talented and influential Italian designer, please do your hair, put on nice pants, and don’t wear your Chuck Taylors! C’mon, Raquel! Really? Italians are born knowing how to exude style with their pinkies! Other than this slight little hiccup, meeting went great, and I’m going to be shooting at… Read more »