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Grace & Kevin | Discovery Park Engagement Session

Even before I met Grace and Kevin, I thought it possible that I already loved them. We’d exchanged emails before our first meet to exchange ideas. Grace quickly shot back a few awesome themes, but it was “Wes Andersen” that caught my fancy. I was excited, then immediately frozen in terror at the thought. Those… Read more »

Been searching for inspiration for a Wes Andersen-themed engagement shoot coming up…

… and it’s got me thinking… Why should summer weddings get all the love? I heart winter and fall weddings! The drama and romance with the reds, yellows, and browns of falling leaves… Winter has those dreamy silver, gold, and sapphire blue themes, not to mention the cuddling to stay warm. #fallwedding #winterwedding #weddingphotography #weddingphotographer… Read more »

Yiddish proverb AND CHCP Auction Macklemore

First, a photo of the fam from our vacation in Vegas a few weekends ago. Cuz, cute! Man, it’s been a long two years since Quorra came along! I had fantasized¬†that I’d be one of those badass moms: attentive, devoted, carrying a camera in each hand as I climbed tall mountains and traveled the world,… Read more »

August = Maternity Leave!

It’s been quiet past few months as my partner, Jack, and I have worked tiredlessly to prepare for our little girl’s imminent arrival, due August 24, 2015. Unfortunately my love, my first baby, Raquel Dennett Photography, has had to take a backseat as we worked through all the tiny details that prepare for a little… Read more »