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2014 in review: the raddest year EVER

I remember the day I decided to stop pursuing fashion photography and turned my sights toward shooting portraits and weddings. It was actually in 2013 after Burning Man, which, depending on who you talk to, is either a large party in the desert or a life-altering experience. For me it was the latter. Afterward, after months… Read more »

Jack, the light tester

Jack gets major boyfriend points. We returned early last week from Michigan, where I photographed Kelly + Yanner’s wedding in Ann Arbor. In the picture above, Jack just stands there looking good (the usual) while I test lighting for Kelly + Yanner’s family portraits. Not picutred above is Jack driving me through downtown Ann Arbor, MI, navigating… Read more »

Clea loves Clayton

It’s fun, as a wedding photographer, when friends get married and I can participate in other parts of the celebration. We threw Clea a bachelorette party, and this is part of the charm necklace we made to commemorate their love.