Copyright is registered!

The lovely Kimberly Swedelius and I decided that we would hold each other accountable today, and force each other to sit down and register for our copyright for the year.

It’s my first year registering. Yes, I know it’s important. Yes, I believe absolutely in intellectual property and the rights of artists. It’s just… it’s difficult and time-consuming to force oneself to sit down and do it. Plus with the confusing website, and the prepping of all the files, separating “published” from “unpublished”, it gets me cross-eyed even thinking about it.

I just finished uploading and registering my published images for the year, and it feels so GOOD! Pushing the submit button, and watching the progress bar slide to the right was an amazing feeling.

Of course, I have to finish registering the unpublished images from this year, and register the pictures from last year, but that is another day.

One Response to “Copyright is registered!”

  1. Brian Rowe

    If you ever have questions on copyright please feel free to ask. My area of expertise is Creative Commons, but also know about formalities and other topics or can get you in touch with friends that do licensing.