Day of Caring 2017 edition

Clark Nuber is, without a doubt in my mind, one of the coolest companies I’ve ever come across. The kicker? They’re accountants! This company is filled with cool accountants. Not that accountants aren’t cool… it’s just that it’s unusual to find a bunch of people in any company who are all so warm and fun.

For the 3rd year, they invited me back to document their annual Day of Caring, a day that the company shuts down to volunteer at a chosen charity. Each year they’ve been growing, and this year there were ~200 employees who had the day off to volunteer. The economics of this many people paid to work elsewhere just boggles my mind!

One of the cool things about covering this annual event is that I get exposure to amazing companies that usually work in the background. They do all this amazing stuff for people in need, but nobody actually knows about them. This year’s charity was Gateway Medical Alliance. They receive donations of medical equipment and ship it off to different companies around the world, places that are in urgent need to stuff we all kind of take for granted. Like wheelchairs, gauze, sheets, etc. Meeting the people behind these sort of organizations is so inspiring, and so is meeting the people who regularly volunteer. There were 5-6 people guiding the Clark Nuber gang who had been coming to Gateway Medical Alliance for years! One guy had been driving here from the peninsula for 17 years!