Jacquelyn + Matthew teaser | Engagement

We met just out side Pike Place Market, yesterday. This cute little couple was waiting under a shop awning, scanning around for me. I was oddly nervous. Heat and traffic had me a bit frazzled, plus Jacquelyn + Matt are the first people I’ve photographed (besides a friend) since I decided to quit smoking. Oh, the joys of nicotine and MAOI withdrawals! I was spacey. 

I told the happy couple to just be themselves, enjoy being together, and that I’d give them direction if needed. Looking doubtful, Matt told me they both did better with direction. Worried the nicotine withdrawal pangs would interfere, and my mind throwing out frightening images of the session going wrong in so many ways, I smiled as confidently as possible and suggested we just give it a shot.

I needn’t have been worried. They did just what I asked: enjoyed being together. Their conversation flowed so well that at times I felt rude interrupting to ask them to tilt their head or smile. They just soaked in the sunshine, occasionally looked at the woman photographing them, but mostly… mostly they just looked at each other.

Jacquelyn + Matt