Juanita + Steven| Space Needle Wedding

Juanita + Steven at the Space Needle in Seattle, this last June 2014.

This was, without a doubt, one of my favorite ceremonies of all time.

There are fleeting moments in every wedding I shoot where the love and happiness feels almost palpable, thick and rich, like the air on a muggy day. In these moments I almost forget that I am working, and I’m overcome by a wave of emotion that makes me tear up, but they pass quickly. Juanita + Steven’s wedding was a constant stream of these moments.

Visiting from Oahu,¬†they were sweet and in love, funny, passionate, silly, welcoming to an outsider like myself. I gave very little direction in their portraits, as they forgot me as soon as they looked into each other’s eyes. Every single person who attended their ceremony was as warm and silly as the happy couple, and every single one of them danced their butts off during the reception.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for allowing me to be a part of your day, to share in the happiness and love! You’ve set a very high bar for my future clients.
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Traditional ring-warming ceremony. Each guest holds the rings before the processional, to embue it with their well-wishes.

Traditional ring-warming ceremony. Each guest holds the rings before the processional, to embue it with their well-wishes.

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An alternate to the garter belt. Call it… musical hula hoop. All men joined hands and passed their bodies through the hoop, eliminating them one by one.

And kept eliminating them, until it was down to just 2 men.

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