Family portrait in Volunteer Park, Seattle, WA

Luci, Hira, and Todd at Volunteer Park | Family Portrait

I am beyond behind on posting work from the past year, and there is much of it to share. Let me start by sharing this session of Todd, Hira, and Lucy (with guest appearance by Sarv and dog).

This is one of my favorite family portraits ever! It was super cold that day, and we got lucky with a little splash of sun before we all froze. We’d had it on the calendar for a bit, but my frantic schedule at the time kept me from picking out a spot until the same day. By the time they parked and met me, I’d set up a few lights (which was attracting some attention), and after some hugs, I asked, “So… mind if I do something a little different?” They shrugged and surrendered to me.

My idea was to shoot something that could be an album cover, because this family is so badass. I’m not sure what I did to warrant their trust, but they willingly went with everything I suggested. Our hour session passed in the blink of an eye, and the sun was going down, effectively stopping me from photographing this beautiful family, otherwise I could have kept going.