Dali piece

My Dali piece is edited and mounted. Here’s the result of 9+ hours of Photoshop.

Here’s the original for comparison:


5 hours, 8 bottles of glue, 1 deceased turkey baster, spray paint, 3 Fred Meyer grocery bags, modelling clay, and a whole slew of salami, and my Dali masterpiece simulation is complete. Tomorrow I start editing to prepare for compositing three different shots.

Also I got the contact sheet for my Hurrell shoot, and I’m fairly happy with the results, though I somehow missed a slight shadow of a hair light in a prop mirror. Boo!

George Hurrell

Tuesday night was my big shoot emulating George Hurrell. It was a long undertaking, complete with erecting an entire set, placing a whole slew of lights in different places to accentuate little bits of the scene, models, a makeup artist, two assistants, shooting with a 4×5 synced with strobes, and taking it all back down.

The shoot went well, and even though I haven’t seen the film yet, I have a very positive feeling about it. I’m still in the process of going through all the production stills, and I’ll get those on soon. Until then, one of my assistants and fellow classmates, Paige Garland posted a production still on her blog.

2 Responses to “George Hurrell”

  1. Jimmy hickey

    Looks clean, I'm excited to see the final results

  2. Darkmans Darkroom

    Nice shot but needs a hair light as she is loosing his head in the background.

Business, baby!

The very idea of business always makes me anxious. Negotiations, and marketing myself to other people sounds so hard-core and pushy, and definitely not who I am.

Yesterday I was expressing this to one of my teachers, and he made an interesting analogy that made me change my mind. He said that negotiating with and getting payment from clients is no different from what I do for work now, bartending and getting paid in tips. I get paid for cocktails up front, usually also receiving a gratuity, and if the customer wants anything else, there is further payment for my services

When he says it like that, it makes negotiating sound so easy. I’m not sure it’s quite that simple, but it makes me see the process in a different, less intimidating light.

Ambient Shoot Selects

These are the two shots Judd, Andreas, and I chose from our Ambient Light shoot from a few weeks ago. Two different concepts, but both fun to execute.

The most educational part of this project was learning how to work with two other photographers. Each had a desire to shoot what they wanted to, but only one person got to hold the camera. We were not the best assistants to each other, but it could have gone badly if any of us were less easy-going. Next time we attempt something like this, I think each of us is going to do our own pre-production planning for our own shoots, and then dedicate the time not executing ours to assisting the other photographer.

Despite having three creatives on this, we had a lot of fun and worked well together.

3 Responses to “Ambient Shoot Selects”

  1. Jimmy hickey

    Well of course, anyone else and it just wouldn't be right!

  2. Raquel

    I know, right? It seemed like such a stereotype, but we went with it. And of course Judd is cast in the creepy role again….

  3. Jimmy hickey

    Diggin both of em. first ones real strong. What a all American haha

Mr. Obscene

As promised, here is the finished copy of the ad I produced spoofing Mr. Clean. There were a few things that I would do differently, one being purchasing white pants for my male model that actually fit. I’m not completely happy with the job I did of cartoonizing Brian Holliday, so next time I’d make it a little more obvious. Other than these two things and a few lighting and prop tweaks, it was a pleasure to work with Brian and Stephanie.

This shoot was one of those that was a complete blast from start to finish. After almost every shot, I was in a fit of giggles. With the shot to the left, in particular, the look on Brian’s face made me laugh so hard I almost couldn’t shoot. Poor Stephanie on the floor had no idea what was happening over her back.

At left are a few unused, but equally awesome shots. Stephanie just looked so pretty sitting on the floor by her lonesome, that there was no way I couldn’t show her.

Mr. Clean

I’m doing a shoot today spoofing the Mr. Clean ads, and I’m so excited! There are few different scenarios I’m playing out, and with my chosen models I wouldn’t be surprised if there were at least 5 new ones to try.

The hardest thing is figuring out the lighting in my kitchen. The sun is bright, and coming in almost directly through my kitchen windows. What a beautiful day, but what a nightmare to compensate for.

More on this after the shoot.

Location shoot

I had a location shoot Monday with two of my classmates, Andreas and Judd Felder. It was a long, sometimes frustrating experience, but we made it through, with even a few laughs.

Here’s Andreas playing with one of the potential props for the shoot. Who said photography wasn’t just a complete blast?

As a side note, the model we shot had an entire suitcase of eccentric outifts and props, including the pictured headdress, Civil War jackets, hats, an accordion… and others too fun to even mention. Shoots with models can be a real pain in the rear, but this one was so full of potential and ideas that it flew by. We started at 1 pm, ended at 5 pm, had a drink and lunch at the Mecca, and called ourselves finished for the night.

Photos from the shoot to follow.