Quorra’s 5th month | Baby Portrait

As of today, little Quorra has been in the world for 5 months. I’m not really sure how I’ve survived, but I wouldn’t do it any differently. She’s left such an impression on my soul.

Luke’s Baek-il | Baby Portrait

I had the pleasure of photographing little Luke for his 100th Day celebration, or his Baek-il. Baek-il is the Korean celebration for a child reaching 100 days, when the family worships Samshin, giving her offering in thanks for helping the mother and infant through a difficult period, and pray for wealth, longevity, and luck. Isn’t he the cutest thing ever?

Luke's 100th DayLuke's 100th Day

World, Meet Quorra


Quorra Ember Kintz entered this world via c-section at 12:47 AM on August 27, 2015 after 43 hours of labor. The delivery was scary! She would have been born vaginally, but, for reasons we will never know, her heart rate started spiking and plummeting dangerously after each contraction when she was about 1/2 way down the birth canal. There’s a chance she would have made it, even with the heartrate fluctuations, but it seems unlikely. My midwife says she probably needed another 3-4 hours of pushing, and neither Quorra nor I had it in us after 43 hours of labor.

After they pulled her out of me in the operating room, I laid there as if in a dream, feeling but not feeling them stitching up my belly… watching Jack watching Quorra as they carried her to a table on the edge of the room. I became intensely aware that she wasn’t making a sound, and that the doctors looked worried. A bunch of doctors gathered around her as Jack and I looked on helplessly, and my eyes welled up as I realized that despite all of this something may be wrong with our little girl. Finally, after what seemed forever, I heard the sweet sound of her cries, saw Jack’s posture relax, and saw him snap this picture of Quorra’s first cries in this world.

Her name is pronounced “kor-uh.” In Italian it means “heart.” She weighed 6lbs 12.8 oz, and measured 18 1/4 inches long. Recovering from the c-section has been a trial, a lesson in taking things easy so that I can be there for her sooner. My heart is completely smitten with her.

August = Maternity Leave!

It’s been quiet past few months as my partner, Jack, and I have worked tiredlessly to prepare for our little girl’s imminent arrival, due August 24, 2015. Unfortunately my love, my first baby, Raquel Dennett Photography, has had to take a backseat as we worked through all the tiny details that prepare for a little one’s birth.

Thank you to all my friends, clients, and potential clients for your patience as I make this transition to motherhood. It’s already been a wild and crazy ride, and your kind words of support and love have smoothed the bumps.

Stay tuned for updates (and duh, baby pictures!!!!). I look forward to my regularly schedule programming, and the best year yet, in 2016.

Alia, Matt & family | Maternity Session Sneak Peak

Couldn’t help sharing these two sneakers from last weekend’s session with Alia and fam. Alia’s in her 7th month, expecting a baby boy, and one of the few people I know who’s as cute pregnant as she is not.

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Peeks of Michigan in Autumn

These from my trip to Michigan last October.

Autumn apple orchard Jack in the apple orchard.


Rosemary at the edge of Lake Michigan, watching the sunset.

Jack and his pops. At least I know how Jack will look when he gets older…