West Seattle view

This lovely scene was the setup for Rick Dahms‘ photo shoot, which I was happy to be the assistant for. It was totally too early o’clock, but the light was beautiful!West Seattle view

Jacquelyn + Matthew teaser | Engagement

We met just out side Pike Place Market, yesterday. This cute little couple was waiting under a shop awning, scanning around for me. I was oddly nervous. Heat and traffic had me a bit frazzled, plus Jacquelyn + Matt are the first people I’ve photographed (besides a friend) since I decided to quit smoking. Oh, the joys of nicotine and MAOI withdrawals! I was spacey. 

I told the happy couple to just be themselves, enjoy being together, and that I’d give them direction if needed. Looking doubtful, Matt told me they both did better with direction. Worried the nicotine withdrawal pangs would interfere, and my mind throwing out frightening images of the session going wrong in so many ways, I smiled as confidently as possible and suggested we just give it a shot.

I needn’t have been worried. They did just what I asked: enjoyed being together. Their conversation flowed so well that at times I felt rude interrupting to ask them to tilt their head or smile. They just soaked in the sunshine, occasionally looked at the woman photographing them, but mostly… mostly they just looked at each other.

Jacquelyn + Matt

Friend portrait – Paul

Why is it that one of the first shots is always one of the best? Portrait of my friend, Paul, taken yesterday at my apartment. A big thank you to Paul, for letting me play. And the biggest thank you to my boyfriend, Jack, for his input and keeping the model entertained.

Portraits of Paul

Clea + Clayton Teaser photos

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of capturing the wedding ceremony for Clea + Clayton, two people I have come to love very much in the past few years (has it been so long already?). Currently there are about 1,600 photos to wade through, and I’m having trouble eliminating any. Almost every photo from their ceremony is like visual candy, and I can’t not share a few of the teasers I sent them last night. (more…)

Juanita + Steven| Space Needle Wedding

Juanita + Steven at the Space Needle in Seattle, this last June 2014.

This was, without a doubt, one of my favorite ceremonies of all time. (more…)

Production still

Wedding guest, friend, and general badass, Jesse, helping me test lighting for the family portraits at Clea + Clayton’s wedding this last Saturday.

Friend, Jesse, helping me test lighting at Clea+Clayton's wedding, 08/02/2014.

Friend, Jesse, helping me test lighting at Clea+Clayton’s wedding, 08/02/2014.

Wirth-Deffer Portraits in the Rose Garden

It was a bright, sunny day. As I watched Alia, Matt, Greison, and Vera walk into the Rose Garden entrance, I could only marvel at how quickly time passes. I’d known Matt and Alia since 2007, well before they dated, when we all worked for the Elysian Brewing Company. In 2007, Greison had still been learning to walk, but today was almost as tall as me. And Vera, with her golden locks and deep blue eyes… hadn’t she been born yesterday?

Matt and Alia had been 2 of my favorite to work with during the years of bartending, and one of the cutest couples to watch blossom. Their relationship has been an inspiration to me, a reminder to continue loving, growing, and intentional in our approach to our loved ones. They have a beautiful, tightly-knit clan, and it was an honor when they asked me to photograph their family.

Wirth-Deffer Family portraitsWirth-Deffer Family portraits (more…)

OMG, these two are too stinkin’ cute!

Steven + Juanita, captured at the Space Needle, Seattle, Washington.
These two are so adorable, I almost can’t handle it. Exporting the files to send out as I type this, and I have to admit that I’m a little sad to see these files go. Editing them has been such a joy.