Juanita + Steven teaser

_MG_1371Juanita + Steven, at the Space Needle. A little teaser to share my excitement. I’ve had a huge grin on my face editing all these, and my face literally hurts!

_MG_1020 _MG_1421

Cuteness in bloom

Little teaser from a family portrait session I did a few weeks ago at the Rose Garden by the Fremont Zoo.


Matthew + John

Matthew + John

The DJ’s assistant referred to one of the grooms as “handsome like Tony Stark” while we were on break. The DJ and I enthusiastically agreed, then laughed as we realized the other groom looked like William H. Macy. If this sounds like a dream coupling of smarts, sass, handsome, and charm, let me assure you that these two did not disappoint. (more…)

AHA Auction – An Evening with Heart

AHA: An Evening with Heart fundraiser

The American Heart Association of Puget Sound‘s annual fundraising auction was held this year at the beautiful, classy Herban Feast – Sodo Park. The theme was the roaring 20’s, and Nicole M. Ryan and I were lucky enough to be asked to capture the event.


Another Matthew + John teaser

…because these guys are awesome, and going through all their photos leaves a big, dumb grin on my face.


Matthew + John sneak peak

Hard at work wading through the many images from last Saturday. These guys were a hoot, and their bridal party were a lot of fun too!

Matthew + John

Meet Clayton & Clea

Clayton & Clea

They are two of my favorite people on the planet. Individually they are both impressively smart, kind, graceful, witty, passionate, and talented. Clayton is a force of personality with sights on big things, with the skill to move people to accomplishing monumental feats. Clea is one of the strongest and beautiful souls I know, with an innate ability to take massive amounts of information, goals, and deadlines, and effortlessly organize it all in ways that streamline and simplify any project she tackles. Alone, they are wondrous people. Together, they are an unstoppable force.

They are the kind of couple that you cheer on with glee, an inspiration to all of what is possible in love, support, kindness, and friendship. Watching them makes you realize just how wonderful life is, makes you celebrate the odds that two people who fit so perfectly had the good luck to find each other. They give you hope. If such a thing exists, they are true soul mates.

Later this summer Clayton & Clea will be joined together as man and wife, and they’ve honored me by asking me to photograph their wedding. I love these two dearly, and it is an intimate gift to have the opportunity to witness and help capture one of the most beautiful moments in their lives.


By the way, they are also the owners of the very amazing Crimson Haze, a lighting design company that offers elegant, sexy, dynamic lighting design for events. I’ve attended many events that Crimson Haze has lit, and they’ve completely raised the bar on transforming and shaping any venue into a wonderland of mood, textures, and color. Consider booking them to light your wedding or event.


Any couples still seeking a wedding caterer?

Personal & Corporate Caterer extraordinaire!

Personal & Corporate Caterer extraordinaire!

Shun Kendrick is amazing! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Shun at a studio I work in occasionally, where he works his main gig, ie pays his bills and his stomach. I’ve always thought him friendly and outgoing, a real joy to run into. He’s that guy who remembers everyone’s name. And then one day we talked about food. And food is clearly his life. He talks about food the way I do, with reverence, love, and anticipation. And his cooking? OMG, it speaks to my soul.

Over the last year I’ve been watching Shun build up steam with his catering business. From time to time he would host big feasts in the studio, charging $10/plate with offerings that changed each time. The first time it was soul food, with pulled pork, 3 different kinds of greens, black-eyed peas, macaroni salad, macaroni & cheese, homemade rolls…. I’m drooling, here. The next time, it was tacos with 3 different selections of homemade salsas that put all the Mexican restaurants to shame. This guy has a gift. He loves food of every kind, and he finds ways to make it all delicious.

Right now he’s ramping up his catering business, offering his services to local couples for weddings, as well as corporate events. He’s also a personal chef who will prepare full menus for your home enjoyment! Ladies, gents, lovebirds… take advantage of him NOW, because I predict he’ll be booked solid in a year. This guy is gonna be big.

Check out Shun’s rapidly evolving website at http://chefshunkendrick.wix.com/shun.