Quarter-long project complete!

Here are the fruits of my labor in my quarter-long project for Seattle Fashion Group International. It was such a pleasure working for this non-profit. So amazing, and so helpful. Special Thanks to Sydney Chavez, Lisa Hunter, Giuseppe Grazioli (along with th crew at Teatro Zinzanni), Mayna Sgaramella, Paige Garland, Scott Puckett, Nora Hess, and Shyn Midilli for their help along the way. Really couldn’t have done it without you folks!

For those not aware of the project, we were tasked with creating an 8-image advertising campaign for a non-profit. Mine was SFGI, and I chose to go with fashion classics that haven’t gone away (little black dress, tuxedo, etc.), with a twist of Old-Hollywood glamour.

Also forgive the layout. I’m clearly not a graphic designer.

2 Responses to “Quarter-long project complete!”

  1. -Seattle Savvy Insider-

    The images turned out beautifully!

  2. Jan Klier

    (sorry for the duplicate, iPhone spellcheck goofed)

    Those came out excellent! Congrats!