Yiddish proverb AND CHCP Auction Macklemore

First, a photo of the fam from our vacation in Vegas a few weekends ago. Cuz, cute!

Man, it’s been a long two years since Quorra came along! I had fantasized that I’d be one of those badass moms: attentive, devoted, carrying a camera in each hand as I climbed tall mountains and traveled the world, completing all my chores while running my business like a boss, and effortlessly maintaining my relationship with Jack. Ha! “Man plans, and god laughs.” 

Absolutely none of that happened. I was one of the 11%-20% of women in the USA that developed post-partum depression. It hit me like a ton of bricks, affecting my ability to do simple everyday tasks, think clearly, and take care of my family. Recovery has been a long road. It’s icy tentacles still tickle in my soul, much like a phantom limb, but things are worlds better now, and I’m looking forward to moving forward with music blasting away.

Obviously there’s a much deeper story here, but I don’t want to get into it more here. Mostly I wanted to put a line out for any readers who may be experiencing something similar. If you are suffering and need an ear or referrals for support groups and material, please reach out. I want to be as open as possible about this topic, and help chip away at the stigma surrounding it.

Onward! The rest of the photos are from the Capitol Hill Coop Preschool’s annual auction was last month, and I got to photograph it! I’m now allowed to tell y’all that the auction emcee was Macklemore! You have no idea how hard it was to not geek out and ONLY take pictures of him.

The event was held at Fred Wildlife Refuge in Seattle, and completely organized by parents of the students. A variety of companies donated services and items, including me. Then, people showed up and bid on stuff. The school raised over $30k!

Goldie Blox was the largest donator at the auction. Each of the classes put together a basket of items to bid on as a set. There was games. One basket was themed for political recovery. Tons of adult stuff to bid on. Lots of wine, snowboards. A 10lb hunk of Beecher’s… Ruby Moonshine and the Body Snatchers provided tunes for an awesome eve.

How is this post not 50 photos of Macklemore? Restraint. Lots of restraint.